What is the fee for Wealth Advisory Services?

Our standard annual fee is calculated on the market value of your Assets Under Management (AUM) based on the following schedule:

Managed Assets (AUM)

Annual Fee*

From $ 0 to $2,000,000

1.0%  of Portfolio Value

Over $2,000,000

$20,000 + 0.5% of Portfolio Value over $2,000,000


 *  $10,000 Annual Fee Minimum
For example, the annual fee for $2,500,000 in AUM will be $22,500 ($5,625 per quarter) or 0.90% of your AUM. Our fee is based on the AUM balance at the start of the quarter; initial fees for partial quarters are prorated. Wealth Advisory Service fees are billed quarterly in advance and are non-negotiable.